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Seawater treatment technology and equipment.

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Water treatment solutions simplified.

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What if we could clean water worldwide?

We can.

Agua Team is passionate about solving the global water crisis. We specialize in providing top-notch technology and services in the areas of water desalination, water recycling, water filtration and leak detection. Alongside this, We can turn contaminated water into clean irrigation or drinking water quickly and efficiently. Agua Team provides fresh, affordable, and sustainable solution's to the world's most pressing issue.

Water Reuse

Together with our partners Agua Team can provide sustainable water reuse solutions to industrial operations.

Wastewater Treatment

Agua Team utilizes techniques like reverse osmosis and deionization to achieve industry leading water filtration solutions.

Project Financing

Agua Team works effortlessly to provide the most profitable financing solutions for every water project.

Emergency Supply

When disaster strikes and regular systems are down, our emergency and remote water treatment systems will be giving you access to fresh drinking water when you need it the most.

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We can make the world a better place by delivering water treatment solutions built to last.

Our partnered technology produces high-quality energy-efficient water solutions while strengthening the resilience of the countries we work with.

Our wastewater treatment services span the entire globe, with headquarters in Los Angeles California, and Lisbon Portugal.

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