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Cut water usage, save money and reduce your impact on the environment.

Industrial water recycling is the process of filtering wastewater so it can be reused. The different recovery methods that are available allow us to provide high-quality water for use within the same process or recycled for another. The benefits of reducing your water consumption can be seen in reduced freshwater costs, wastewater flows, the size of your water footprint and sustainability. Operational efficiency can also be increased with increased production capacity made possible due to less wasted natural resources.
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Industrial Water Reuse Applications

Innovative Desalination Technology

With our partnered desalination systems, communities facing water shortages can now access clean water with ease. Our focus is to deliver a unique mix of desalination and membrane treatment technologies to deliver reliable supplies of water while minimizing energy consumption. Our innovative water purification systems, incorporating the latest in membrane technology, are driving the development of new indirect and direct potable reuse plants, capable of treating and reusing wastewater for drinking. Join us in shaping the future of water management.
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Choose The Perfect Water Reuse Solution

Working with different industries can present their own water recycling challenges. At Agua Team, we're experts at tackling these difficulties because we understand that each business has its own specific needs and objectives.

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Why even consider Water Reuse?

Water withdrawal rates have increased in recent years, partly due to the clear decrease in global fresh water and increasing demand. From 1996 to 2012, municipal water withdrawal rates increased 11.7 percent. Experts anticipate water rates will continue to increase over the next few years as utilities face costs associated with aging water infrastructure.

In addition to increased costs, manufacturers are faced with stricter water withdrawal and discharge regulations. Industrial users may soon face water rationing. In fact, some manufacturers are already facing local regulations limiting the amount of water available for their purposes.

Reusing water saves both money and the environment. Using less water means you’re paying for less of it and with this cost-effective solution, there’s also a way to reuse waste water, which is great for the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Industrial water recycling and reuse refers to the practice of treating and repurposing wastewater generated by industrial processes, rather than disposing of it as waste.

Industrial water recycling can help companies reduce their water consumption, lower their operating costs, and reduce their environmental impact by minimizing the amount of wastewater they discharge.

Common applications for industrial water recycling and reuse include cooling tower makeup, boiler feedwater, process water, and irrigation.

Industrial water recycling and reuse may involve a variety of technologies, including membrane filtration, ion exchange, activated carbon adsorption, and reverse osmosis.

The decision to implement industrial water recycling and reuse will depend on a variety of factors, such as the type of industrial process, the volume of wastewater generated, and local regulations. A water treatment specialist can help evaluate the feasibility of recycling and reusing industrial water in your specific situation.