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Aguateam provides a complete range of solutions and services for industrial wastewater treatment because we want to:

  • Help you meet project launch regulations - we can assist your facility in complaince with strict pretreatment or direct discharge treatment goals.
  • Reduce or eliminate wastewater expenses creating a more sustainable approach to your operations.
  • Save you loads of money by reusing your water towards agricultural and industrial processes.
  • Help you utilize green energy as another method of expense reduction
  • Become an environmental steward - minimize your environmental footprint.

We specialize in market-leading wastewater treatment technologies.

Agua Team's wastewater treatment plants have the proper instrumentation and can be monitored and controlled remotely, making real-time controls easy. It's a cost-effective way of maintaining efficiency and provides a tool to oversee problems.

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Wastewater Treatment Resources and Case Studies

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Assessment of wastewater treatment plant design for small communities: Environmental and economic aspects


“The preliminary design and economic assessment of small wastewater treatment plants (less than 2000 population equivalent) are issues of particular interest since wastewaters from most of these agglomerations are not covered yet. This work aims to assess nine different technologies set-up for the secondary treatment in such type of facilities embracing both economic and environmental parameters. The main novelty of this work is the combination of an innovative environmental decision support system (EDSS) with a pioneer approach based on the inclusion of the environmental benefits derived from wastewater treatment. (M. Poch)”

Valuing benefits from wastewater treatment and reuse using contingent valuation methodology


“This study aims first to elicit residents’ Willingness to Pay (WTP) for the provision of central wastewater treatment and second farmers’ WTP for recycled water. A case study on a rural and costal tourist area is presented, located at the Municipality of Kissamos in northwest Crete. In the context of contingent valuation methodology, members from 450 households were interviewed, face to face. The mean WTP for the provision of wastewater treatment was € 21.02 to be paid as a surcharge on the quarterly water bill. Farmers’ mean WTP for recycled water, originating from wastewater treatement was 61.2% the price of fresh water, which corresponds to € 0.0872. 84.70% of them would use the oil produced after irrigating with recycled water. (Tziakis)”

Wastewater Projects & Products

Here will be a list of all of Agua Team's partnered technology in the wastewater treatment plant catalog.

Wastewater systems include
ACSOL M, Optimum L, and SewaClear
Efraim Oren
"Definitely the best thing since sliced bread. I couldn't be happier!"
Efraim Oren
"Definitely the best thing since sliced bread. I couldn't be happier!"
Efraim Oren

Frequently Asked Questions

Wastewater treatment is the process of removing contaminants and pollutants from water that has been used in homes, businesses, or industrial processes before it is released back into the environment.

Wastewater treatment typically involves three stages: primary treatment, which involves the physical separation of solid and liquid components; secondary treatment, which uses biological processes to break down organic matter; and tertiary treatment, which uses advanced filtration technologies to remove any remaining contaminants.

Wastewater can contain a variety of contaminants, including organic matter, nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus, heavy metals, and pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.

Wastewater treatment may involve a variety of technologies, including sedimentation, activated sludge, biological nutrient removal, and advanced filtration systems like reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration.

The choice of wastewater treatment solution will depend on factors such as the volume and quality of wastewater generated, local regulations, and available infrastructure. A water treatment specialist can help evaluate your specific needs and recommend the most appropriate solution.